2015 Results

Section 201  String Solo  AMEB Grade 1

1st: Oscar Wai

2nd: Melanie Wai


Section 202  String Solo  AMEB Grade 2

1st: Georgie Barnes


Section 203  String Solo  AMEB Grade 3

1st: Emily Choi

2nd: Jenna Sampson

3rd:  Monahan Hazlehurst


Section 204  String Solo  AMEB Grade 4

1st: Alexandra Peters

2nd: Maximilian Williams

Equal 3rd:  Anjali Brisbane, Kaipo Tkalcic


Section 205  String Solo  AMEB Grade 5

1st: Thomas Powles

2nd: Kyuri Kim

3rd:  Jess Philipse


Section 206  String Solo  AMEB Grade 6

1st: Annabel Mulcahy

2nd: Tessani Wells

3rd:  Vivienne Tran


Section 207  String Solo  AMEB Grade 7

1st: David Hii

2nd: Arani Sivakumar

3rd:  Kathryn Soen


Section 208  String Solo  AMEB Grade 8

1st: Joy Liu

2nd: Cedar-Rose Newman

3rd:  Emily Coper-Jones


Section 312  Cello or Double Bass Solo 12 years & Under

1st: Bernice Chua

2nd: Elizabeth Ring


Section 314  Cello or Double Bass Solo 14 years & Under

1st: Bernice Chua

2nd: Vivienne Tran


Section 412  Violin or Viola Solo 12 Years & Under

1st: Fumiyo Yamamoto

2nd: Sarah Zhu

Highly commended:  Monahan Hazlehurst, Madeleine Jiang


Section 414  Violin or Viola Solo 14 Years & Under

1st: David Hii

2nd: David Yang

Highly commended:  Alexandra Peters, Sarah Zhu


Section 514 Ensemble 14 Years & Under

1st: Les Chordes d’Or

Elizabeth Ring, Emma Black, Lina Lee, Cedar-Rose Newman

2nd: The RITE Strings

Tatsuki Matsumoto, Inga Webber, Ella Cooper, Rebecca Fergusson


Section 518 Ensemble 18 Years & Under

1st: Les Amis

Cedar-Rose Newman, Lina Lee

2nd: The REVS Quartet

Rebecca Gibson, Shirahni Mudaliar, Evie Wilkins, Vivienne Tran

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